This process took months but I’ll sum it up into a single post.  A simple repaint turned into heavy body modifications including shaved door handles, wheel flares, molded rear bumper, fuel filler relocation and a full custom front bumper.  Insane.


On May 4th 2004 I started disassembling the 1991 Ford Probe GT.  I initially only wanted to repaint the car yet with every removed screw or bolt, I wanted to take the project a little further.  The disassembly turned into a short lived addiction.  It was like a big Lego.  I found myself fascinated with…


The “Repaint”

On May 17th 2004, I drove the car into the garage.  The goal for the next 3 days was to repaint the car a nice white color.  It had two visible spots of rust on it which I wanted to fix before it got worse.  If anybody has any idea how far I’ve taken this…


WCC and everything autobody

In 2003 I found myself always wondering how a car was painted.  With as much as I knew about cars, I was intimidated about automotive paint.  I had heard that WCC (Washtenaw Community College) offered classes on the topic.  I looked up the program online, figured out how I would pay for it, and signed…



In 2000 I started “EVERY DETAIL” after being canned from a local detailing shop 2 weeks into the job.  I was let go because I was spending too much time on the vehicles.  I was incapable of cutting corners.  In an odd twist of events, I ended up with a large client of theirs because…


ProbeTalk and car meets

In the year 2000 I found  An online forum for fellow car owners.  The car meets and garage time in the following years introduced me to extensive knowledge and lifelong friends. Most importantly I met my best friend Ryan.  He was far more skilled than I was, and always will be.  Although I had…


The basics of automotive knowledge

The next few years of my life were filled with tinkering with the 89GT on a budget.  I always had a job so I would do what I could with what little money I scraped together. My first few months of owning the car were filled with trips to the mechanic and exhaust shop.  I…