The next few years of my life were filled with tinkering with the 89GT on a budget.  I always had a job so I would do what I could with what little money I scraped together.

My first few months of owning the car were filled with trips to the mechanic and exhaust shop.  I didn’t know how to work on cars so the only option is to take it to an expert.  Hundreds of dollars later, I felt sufficiently burned.  My budget couldn’t support having somebody else work on the car.  Out of necessity I learned about my car.  I began spending hours taking parts off and putting them back on, trying to memorize their order and function.  The knowledge gave me confidence.  Once you can (in a sense) reverse engineer something to determine it’s role in a system, you feel like you just conquered part of the world.

It was the late 90’s and the internet was only gaining it’s steam.  I remember searching for hours for parts to add to my wish list.  At one point I remember running a “what’s my car worth” and seeing $3,000.  A figure which at the time excited me, I could actually sell the car for a profit!  How silly it sounds now.  Anyway, my parts wish list grew and grew.