1989-1992 Ford Probe Hatch Lock Bracket and Strike Plate Kit


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This kit replaces rusty or faulty hatch “bumpers” and strike plates. Ford refers to these as “Lock Bracket” and “Striker Assembly”. The kit includes all eight bolts, bumpers with integrated brackets, and strike plates.  The kit is entirely zinc nickel plated.  All the parts included in this kit are USED, we source rust free parts, sandblast, and plate the metal.  These types of plated parts have been in use on our cars for over 10 years without showing any corrosion however we do not warranty the parts at all. The parts are in good used condition, freshly plated, with zero miles.


This product is frequently backordered due to the rarity of the parts.  The website tracks our stock, if we list it in stock, it’s in stock ready to ship. We allow backorders but we do not promise any timeline on restock. We only promise to keep your place in line.  We can refund your order at any point if you grow tired of waiting, we get it.

Reach out if you want to sell us some stock in good condition.  We need the metal to only be surface rust.  If it’s bubbled up or inflated looking, we can’t use it.  We also need the rubber to be flexible.  This combination is tough to find 30+ years after production but if you’ve got a usable set, we’ll send you $30 for a set or credit your purchase.


If you’re wondering why a set of pretty brackets cost this much considering our process ignoring research/testing hours:

  1. Call around to junk yards to find Ford Probes
  2. Find a Probe, drive 30-90 minutes to go see if the parts are available
  3. Find parts, hope they’re salvageable
  4. Buy parts between $10-30 dollars
  5. Drive 30-90 minutes back to the shop
  6. Disassemble parts, thread hole, cut new screw
  7. Sandblast parts
  8. Drive 60 minutes to plating company, wait one week
  9. Buy and cut new rubber shims
  10. Get parts back, sort parts, reassemble
  11. Run eCommerce website, package up parts, send out parts